Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kicking Off the Year

Winter in Michigan is the worst time for a wedding videographer... as far as paying bills goes, anyway. I do manage to keep busy, and so far I haven't had much of a chance to slow down. Since the dying off of the wedding season in October, I've made two Haywire Effect episodes and have two more slated to come out this month. It's a groove I'd like to make a habit of. Two episodes a month is doable. Hell, the Nostalgia Critic does four. Granted, that's his only job--gee, doesn't that sound nice?

Basically what this blog is for is to let you know that there's a lot going on and hopefully things will shape up in terms of turning out episodes as well as actual films this year. Making the last commercial for the jewelry store reminded me just how much I miss directing, and I plan on devoting a lot of energy toward making some movies this year. Wish me luck!

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